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eMMC 6in1 Repair Adapter Supports Medusa Pro/UFI/ATF/EASY JTAG Plug/RIFF 1-2/eMMC Pro eMMC Boxes Programmer for eMMC Read Write (DR.Fix-6in1 eMMC Adapter)-ALLSOCKET


Product Features

  • Repair / Read / Write: ALLSOCKET DR.Fix Kit-6in1 eMMC Repair Adapter supports many professional eMMC Boxes to programming
  • Multi-interface Adapter: Compatible with Z3X Easy-Jtag Box, Medusa Pro Box, Riff Box, GPG EMMC Box, UFI Box, ATF Box, eMMC Pro, eMMC Booster(Note: programmer box are not included in this kit)
  • eMMC/eMCP Memory Flash: 6in1 socket for BGA153/169/221/162/186/529, stable and efficient
  • Time saver: easy to operate and disassemble, simply adjusting the direction of eMMC/eMCP Socket to test different package chip
  • New Version: update V2.1 version with ISP adapter to connect emmc boxes, fit for ISP non chip-off solution.
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Product Description

ALLSOCKET DR.Fix Kit-6in1 eMMC Repair Adapter Tool for Universal eMMC Boxes Programmer to Read and Write eMMC153/169, eMCP221,eMCP162/186, eMCP529 Flash Memory
We are original manufacturer, and look for distributor / dealer, contact us for more info if you’re interested(Email: amanda(@)

Product Feature:
*One box one connector for all chip sizes
*No more connector board problems, stable, efficient and easy to operate
*No need to solder wires to eMMC Chip
*No more VCC problem
*compatible with most mainstream eMMC read / write programmer tools
*supports eMMC/eMCP packages: eMMC153/169, eMCP221,eMCP162/186, eMCP529 *Time saver: easy to operate and disassemble

Compatible with professional eMMC Box:
a. Z3X Easy-JTAG
b. Medusa Pro
c. UFI Box
d. ATF Box
e. Riff Box(Riff 1, Riff 2)
f. eMMC Pro, eMMC Booster
h. other common interface boxes

Package contained:
1*DR.Fix Kit-6in1 eMMC Repair Adapter
1* Set of Size Limiter/Frame(11*10, 11.5*13, 12*16, 12*18, 14*18, 15*15mm)
1* SD Convertor Adapter
1* RegisteredJack Cable
1* ISP Adapter

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