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How to install firmware updates for Jabra USB devices


In this blog we will show you how to update the firmware on your Jabra USB device Jabra USB devices could be a speakerphone corded headset wireless headset connect the Jabra device using the provided USB cable directly to your desktop or laptop computer with Jabra PC Suite installed do not connect to a docking station or USB splitter if using a wireless headset connect the provided power cable directly to the base then to a working electrical outlet dock the headset to the charging base launch the dropper or PC Suite firmware updater on the firmware update wizard choose the Jabra USB device to update from the drop down menu keep check for firmware updates on Jabra web server requiring internet access checked then click Next the firmware updater will read the current device firmware if a later version is available you may continue with the update click download to retrieve when download is complete click Next some devices will prompt you to make a region selection choose your region then click Next the device will be switched to firmware update mode do not interrupt or disconnect the device during this process when complete some devices will prompt you to click Next to continue allow the firmware update to run do not interrupt or disconnect the device during this process unless prompted to do so this may take several minutes when successfully completed click finish your device firmware is now up-to-date for more information please visit thank you for watching