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O2 Wifi Calling


We all love how powerful and versatile the smartphone has become and the key to getting the most from your phone is that you’re connected whenever you need it to help make sure that you’re more connected than ever on o2 we’ve introduced Wi-Fi m4g Corning so what does this mean it means that if you ever find yourself of our traditional phones we know you can still make all provide a Wi-Fi connection and information a Wi-Fi call and you need to leave the Wi-Fi area your phone will seamlessly handle from Wi-Fi to 4G or vice versa so you can continue your computation to Tricia about poodels without interruption other great news is that the sound quality on Wi-Fi and 4G call is even clearer it uses your minutes and not your data and there’s no need to download a separate we’re rolling out this service gradually so we get it right the first time you can use Wi-Fi calling on a compatible device and any Wi-Fi connection and 4G calling will be available in more settings and more devices over the coming month it’s another way to stay connected with ot you

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