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VIPFIX Original EFT Dongle Phone Repair Tool Unlocking Flashing Repairing Newer Chipset Smartphone Service for Samsung HTC Huawei Repair


Product Features

  • PhoneFix Original EFT Dongle for Unlocking Flashing Repairing Cell Phone
  • Made by a large team of coders and specialists in newer chipset smartphone service
  • Available for Samsung,HTC,HUAWEI and almost cell phones
  • Arabic ,Turkish ,Hindi ,Chinese ,Vietnamese ,Russian ,French ,Farsi ETC...
  • Want to know more pls click EFT Official WEB:
New Price: $75.00
Old Price: $75.00
(as of 03/20/2019 11:44 UTC - Details)

Product Description

Product Introduction:
※Original EFT Dongle is high quality cell phone repair tool, it is a dongle protection software that used for unlocking, flashing, and repairing smart phones. The EFT dongle repair tool is very efficent and convenient to operate, which is available for Samsung,HTC,HUAWEI and almost cell phones.
Supported Brands & CPU:
-Arabic ,Turkish ,Hindi ,Chinese ,Vietnamese ,Russian ,French ,Farsi ETC…
-All Languages Of The World Without Exception.
-Allow you to backup applications and restore it whenever problem occurs.
-Added worlds first support for the latest security (Update patch 2016 and 2017).
-worlds first One click Fix root reboot.
-worlds first One click Remove Secure Storage.
-worlds first One click Fix contacts Samsung 6.0.1 – to 7.0 if Done no need patch (BETA).
-worlds first One click Fix contacts Samsung Docomo.
-worlds first One click fix hotspot (Update).
-worlds first Update Dump Rome for the latest security.
-Samsung Screen reset (Sideload) need recovery mod.
-Update Dictionary.
-Add Google Services and Google Play.
-Full backup is available.
-Extract tar and Extract img.
-Merge dictionary.
-update Patch 6.0.1 .
-update Patch 7.0 .
-New jar Mod (Decompile jar).
-New jar Mod (Recompile jar).
-one click fix install app after patch.
-one click replace any apk.
-one click make backup app and patch rom (adb).
-one click flash any backup app and patch (adb).
-one click Fix And Enable Lte (4G).

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